Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol – Most Prescribed Pain Killers

Pain is a distressing feeling in a body caused by a damaged stimuli like burning a finger, stubbing a toe, & so on. As it is a complex & unpleasant experience associated with the tissue damage of the body, defining it becomes a challenge. Pain receptors & nerve pathways inside & outside a body send electrical messages through the spinal cord to the brain. The brain then interprets the messages & send back the message to affected area for taking an action.

Pain can be classified into two types:

Acute pain – it’s a clear sign of danger & helps us to stay safe from further more dangerous happening.

  • Usually begin suddenly with a clear source
  • Doesn’t last a long time
  • It can increase heart rate, raise blood pressure & breathing rate

Chronic pain – include arthritis, cancer & back injuries.

  • Usually, lasts for a month or for a year
  • Remain constant i.e. go & come over and over
  • Disturb sleep patterns, cause depression & decrease appetite


Diagnosis or treatment of pain can be done by doctors or pharmacists via various checkups of its intensity. The doctor can ask questions & prescribe the exact dosage of medicine to the patient. Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol are the most prescribed drugs to relieve the chronic pains or muscle spasms.

The treatment for pain include both methods i.e. via drug or non-drug. In non-drug treatments various procedures include –

  • Massage
  • Relaxation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture

In drug therapy, Soma Carisoprodol, Tramadol & other painkillers are prescribed.

Before taking Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol, talk to your doctor. Read the instructions on prescription label carefully.

Don’t start or stop Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol medicines suddenly, consult your doctor about it.

If you’re allergic to Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol or their similar drugs, talk to your doctor, or if you’ve:

  • Severe asthma
  • Breathing issues
  • A history of alcohol or drug addiction
  • Pregnancy or planning to become pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • A history of epilepsy, head injury or other seizure disorder
  • A metabolic disorder


Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol should not be given to a child younger than 12 years old.

The dosage of Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol:

Take Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol exactly as prescribed. Don’t overdose or miss a dose of the medication.

Soma Carisoprodol & Tramadol side-effects:

  • Noisy breathing or shallow breathing
  • Low cortisol levels
  • Slow heart rate
  • Severe skin reactions

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