Persistent Sleep Loss May Increase Cardiovascular Risks

A recent study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation researchers shows that people with an irregular sleep-wake cycle or poor quality of sleep have 83% greater risk of cardiovascular problems and other metabolic disorders. That’s why 90 percent doctors and sleep experts include effective sleep-aid medications, like Zopiclone in their prescriptions. People with persistent sleep problems buy Zopiclone online in the UK, the US and other countries in the world.

Health Problems Linked to Chronic Insomnia

Poor-quality sleepers experience a number of problems in their daily activities, such as poor concentration, memory loss, coordination issues, poor productivity, cognitive problems, depressive symptoms and much more. In addition, if insomnia left untreated for a long time, serious health consequences will occur, including hypertension, high blood pressure, heart failure, anxiety, depression, stress, memory loss, obesity, diabetes, and much more.
According to a new study conducted by the researchers of the University of Pennsylvania, people who experience severe and chronic insomnia in a younger age have a greater risk of neurological health disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Sleep disorders increase the levels of amyloid proteins in the brain, i.e. high levels of beta-amyloid proteins contribute to Alzheimer’s disease other serious neurological health disorders.
Lack of sleep on a regular basis leads to several internal biological changes that cause interference in your daily activities. In addition, the researchers of the National Sleep Foundation say that they are finding the exact relationship between poor sleep and heart health.

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