Follow Your Circadian Rhythm to Treat Insomnia

Sleeping Pill UK: – A good sleep is very helpful to everyone & give people a productive and beautiful day schedule with full of energy. Sleep is a natural process of healing that repair or heals the damaged tissues or cells of the body. During sleep, our brain flushes the harmful chemicals or toxins that keep our body free of unwanted toxins and help to rejuvenate our body for the next day.  Our sleep-wake cycle is regulated by the endogenous body clock i.e. circadian cycle. Circadian cycle manages the most of the physiological rhythms of the body. It has an internal body clock that tells the timings of prerequisite schedules of internal activities such as hormone release time, production time and so on.

Melatonin is the hormone that regulates our sleep schedule and the releasing or production of melatonin is controlled by the circadian rhythm. After a full day tiresome work when our body needs rest, the circadian rhythm release the melatonin to make our body sleepy. It releases the melatonin in the evening and regulates level through the night to stay asleep. There are many man-made ways to boost the level of melatonin in our bodies such as sleeping pills in UK or other countries around the world. The production of melatonin is also regulated by the circadian rhythm. Thus the production of melatonin is affected by several reasons.

Here are some factors that affect the production of melatonin:

  • Light – It is the strongest element in the circadian rhythm that affects the production of melatonin i.e. blue light emitted by the digital devices such as LED, TV, mobile phones, laptops inhibits the production and red light is friendly to the melatonin that’s why red lights are installed in bedrooms to induce sleep in people.
  • Sunlight – The production of melatonin is highest in the night and lowest in the afternoon i.e. sunlight inhibits the production of melatonin.
  • Age – With the increasing age, the production of melatonin decreases.
  • Diet – A healthy diet can increase the production of melatonin. Taking natural melatonin rich food products can be very beneficial to our body.

Insomnia is a severe sleep disorder that affects more than 40 percent of the worldwide population. According to the Natural Sleep Foundation report, one out of three people is suffering from chronic insomnia in the world and more than 20 percent people are suffering from acute insomnia. To treat insomnia there are many ways such as natural therapies, relaxation techniques, healthy diet, and medications i.e.Sleeping Pill UK, US, or in other countries. Insomnia can be caused by several reasons such as stress, financial problems, physical or psychological problems, chronic pains, and much more.

Doctors usually prescribe the natural therapies with Sleeping Pill UK or other continents of the world to treat insomnia or other severe sleep disorders. The natural therapies or relaxation techniques make our body toxin-free and boost the melatonin hormone to fall asleep or stay asleep. When the natural melatonin level decreases, medications are used to exhibit the production i.e. sleeping pills in UK or other countries are used to increase the melatonin level and treat insomnia.


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