Anxiety & its Medications

Anxiety is a psychological condition that causes people to feel extremely worried or nervous. It can cause problems with their daily activities or sleep due to the strong feelings related to any specific reason. Anxiety may be triggered by the fear of something or it may happen without any reason. It usually increased in people by stress, caffeine, smoking, & alcohol. If not treated or managed on time, it can become a life-threatening condition. There are several medications available on trusted websites like Sleeping Pills UK. People can buy anxiety pills or other medicines such as sleeping pills in the UK or other countries from online pharmacy stores.

Common symptoms or signs of Anxiety:

  • Sleeping problems
  • Focusing issues
  • Fatigue or muscle tightness
  • Feeling jumpy, dizzy or easily startled
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Breathing issues
  • Shaking, irritability or restlessness

To manage anxiety:

Medicines can soothe your anxiety disorder or decrease your symptoms & help you feel calm and relaxed, but medicines can affect better with some therapies like –

  • Find ways to relax i.e. talk someone, exercise – Talk to your doctor about your anxiety or other problems you’re facing. The doctor can understand the symptoms & prescribes according to it. Activities like meditation, exercise, listening music can help you relax. Spend time with your friends & family to cure anxiety.
  • Practice deep breathing & exercise regularly – deep breathing & exercising daily can help you to calm anxiety. Take slow deep breaths & make a better exercise plan to treat your anxiety.
  • Get regular sleep & avoid smoking – Regular sleep routine in a calm environment can help to feel calmer during the day. Additionally, nicotine & other chemicals in cigars & cigarettes can increase anxiety. Avoid smoking to decrease your anxiety symptoms.
  • Consume healthy food items i. caffeine free – take healthy food products including vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, cooked beans, & whole-grain bread. Caffeine products can make your symptoms worse, so avoid them is the best option to control your anxiety.

Here are various medications to treat anxiety disorders –

Generic Name                   Brand Name(s)

  • Alprazolam                       Xanax
  • CLONAZEPAM              KLONOPIN
  • Diazepam                         Valium
  • Lorazepam                       Ativan

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