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Act Smart With a Smart Medicine; Modafinil 200mg

The presence of a drug which prevents the complaints about over sleepiness and tiredness is in the market. This medication is usually recommended to people who feel over sleepy even after a proper sleep hour. This medication is recommended to people who are going through Obstructive Sleep Apnea Narcolepsy, Shift work sleep disorder, Extreme sleepiness, Over exhaustion. Modafinil is also considered to be a smart drug because of various reasons. But first, go through a brief history of Modafinil 200mg .

History of Modafinil: –

Before the introduction of modafinil another medication came into existence known as adrafinil, this medication was introduced by two French researchers Roger Gombert and Emile Assous in early 1970’s. Adrafinil do metabolize itself into modafinil 200mg but take longer period of time to come in action. It take minimum 45 minutes and maximum 60 minutes to come in action. It was not that much accepted by people because of its slow work and effect on liver causing digestive issues. Due to which the control over effects and modulation became hard for the users. In late 1970’s Modafinil came in existence, modafinil is the biologically active form of adrafinil. An early acceptance was seen for modafinil because of it’s short duration to come in action, modafinil take only 20 minutes to come in action. This is most prescribed medication for issues related to narcolepsy, sleep apnea and day time drowsiness. Modafinil is a FDA approved drug, it is one of the most prescribed medication in America. In countries like India and Mexico it is prescribed more freely, you do not need a prescription for its purchase.

What makes Modafinil 200mg different from any other drug:

– If we are feeling sleepy the very first thing we reach to is coffee, coffee has been a part of our life for a really long period of time. Consider yourself in a situation in which you need to stay awake so that you can complete your assigned task so to gain that energy you will go for a cup of coffee and attain the energy back. Gaining the energy back is not the end because you can end up in situations over again and again so what is the first you will do, go and grab a cup of coffee. After a certain period you will attain a tolerance for coffee, a single cup of coffee which was enough to awake you is not enough you need two to three cup of coffee for the same result, which was possible with one. This tolerance can lead to anxiety, sleep problems and many other.

Whereas with Modafinil you can get the result within 20 minutes with no side effects. You can attain the same energy as coffee with modafinil. Various studies have been made on modafinil to see if it carry any side effects like tolerance,dependence, habituation, addictive and causes long-term damage to the nervous system. Modafinil users have stated that after taking this drug they were able to focus on their tasks more, with less fluctuation, the level of creativity and boost of energy was amazing.

Enhancement Effects Of Modafinil 200mg on Brain And Mood: –

Modafinil stimulate your brain and at the same time is able to stimulate your mood too. The visible enhancement of modafinil on brain and mood.

  • Modafinil increase your resistance to tiredness and brighten up your mood.
  • Improvement in exhaustion level, motivation and reaction time is seen at a better level after taking modafinil.
  • A study was done by the university of Cambridge on modafinil 200mg which showed that this drug help a person and stop him from making bad decisions.
  • Modafinil 200mg improves the functioning of brain and sleeps deprived.
  • At a certain time it was believed that it is useful only for people with lower IQ but after a long time of experimentation, it was found it does not matter.

How to consume this Drug: –

The consumption of 30-50mg of modafinil  is enough for a healthy person. The effect of modafinil will last for 6 to 7 hours. You should consume this medication in the morning after getting out for your bed but do not consume it right after getting out, take a while at least 30 minutes and take it after wards with a empty stomach.

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